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Fort Tractors and Implements


The Fort Galaxy 16 Hp Diesel Crawler
Soon to begin coming off the assembly line.  Only 32" outside to outside and 7 feet long.  It will be a problem solver for narrow plantings, be they in 1.2 meter vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses and the like.  It's large footprint will produce little compaction and great traction.  An appropriate air blast sprayer is also available from Fort.  This crawler is in every sense modern, with disc hydraulic brakes and electro hydraulic controls, a mechanical transmission, multiple speed PTO, and Category I 3 point hitch.  We Expect to be able to offer it for about $16,000 FOB nearest Port.



Fort Sirio 4 X 4 Tractor

Now available in U.S. market, a perfect tractor for market gardens, flower growers, greenhouse operators and other specialized growers with high density plantings.  Perfect for nurseries, Christmas  tree plantations, 1 meter spaced vineyards, berry growers and the like.  With an outside to outside dimension as little as 24" and an overall length of just 79", it goes about anywhere you can walk.  With its 16 Hp water cooled, diesel engine it has more than enough power for mowing, tilling, and spraying jobs, and a lot more.

More powerful and very nearly as maneuverable as a walking tractor it removes operator strain, long days will seen less long.  The fuel efficient, smooth running, easy starting diesel engine has more torque and lasts far longer than gas engines.  Water cooling also makes engines quieter that air-cooled gas or diesel engines - many choices of mowers, tillers, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders and cultivators are easy to attach and are lifted when necessary by the tractors hydraulic 3point hitch.  In the off season an optional front mount blade can be used to clear snow from driveways.

The Fort Sirio 4X4 was designed from the ground up to do agricultural work where land is dear.  It's size eliminates wasted space, it's true 4X4 power distributes weight and traction equally to all four wheels to minimize compaction while making the most of the engines power.  A comfortable and adjustable seat and well placed controls make life easier for the operator.  A multiple speed PTO and auxiliary hydraulic outlets gives the operator additional control over implements allowing better tillage and other work.

Fort Sirio 4X4 powerful and functional for just $9,500.00 weighing a little more than 900 pounds and having such condensed outer dimensions, shipping is less expensive and even air freight is practical for locales far from sea ports.  Implements for this tractor costs much less than those for conventional tractors and when ordered for delivery with the tractor are a true bargain.

Some Fort Implements

Fort fail mower CM 95
(36" cutting width)

Fort Rototiller CM 95
(36" working width)

Fort Power Harrow CM90

Fort Lawn Mower
(2 Blade - 39" cut)

Fort Dozer Blade
4ft. wide hydraulically controlled dozer blade


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Goldoni Tractors


Goldoni Base 20
Goldoni Base 20 is a 21 Hp articulated 4X4 Tractor and is only 32" wide at narrow setting.  Goldoni is a top line manufacturer and this little very small tractor is a "JEWEL".

Compact Design

21.5 Horsepower

Air Cooled


4 Wheel Drive

Independent PTO

3 Point Hitch


Goldoni Transcar 25
Goldoni Transcar 25 is the transport version of the Base 20 tractor.  It's only 52" wide and has an impressive 3000 pound load capacity.

3 sizes - 21.5, 30 or 37 Hp Rigid Frame or Articulated
4 Wheel Drive Lombardini Diesel Engines
Trilateral Dumping - Right, Left or Rear 3000 Pound Capacity

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