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The History of Ferrari Tractor CIE

    Ferrari Tractor CIE, was established in 1987 to do business throughout the USA selling and providing support services and parts to Ferrari Tractor owners.  The models generally include the 725 walking tractor and the models 75 and 76 four wheel tractors introduced in 1970 and the TR94, 95, 85 and 86 that replaced those earlier models during the mid 1980's.

    In the early 1990's B.C.S. of Italy bought the Ferrari Tractor Co. in Italy and in 1999 began offering a new series of tractors made in the Ferrari factory, now sold under the B.C.S. logo and using B.C.S.'s familiar blue paint scheme. The new B.C.S. (i.e. Ferrari) models include the 36 Hp Vanguard Model 400 and the 48 Hp Vanguard 500L.  These models share a smaller chassis and represent upgrading and modernizing of the older model 95.

    A larger chassis including the series 550, 750 and 800 are modernized and upgraded replacements for the Ferrari model 86.  These new models come in both articulated (AR) models and rigid body versions (RS) and are reversible in Hp from 62 Hp to 83 Hp.

Antonio Carraro Tractors

    In 1991 Ferrari Tractor CIE began offering the Antonio Carraro line of tractors, including models with 26 Hp to 83 Hp in 4 x 4 tractors and 9 Hp to 12 Hp in walking tractors.  The Antonio Carraro line includes articulates and rigid body models, reversible and non-reversible versions, hydrostatic versions as well as mechanical transmissions and a model with both.

    The Antonio Carraro line includes extremely narrow vineyard models, very low center of gravity models for extreme slopes, numerous specialized transporters and low profile orchard tractors.  Some 100 variations exist in the current line.

Goldoni Tractors

    In 1999 Ferrari Tractor CIE began to offer the Goldoni Base 20.  A very small 21 Hp articulated 32" wide tractor that is ideal for 1.2 meter vineyard plantings and other very narrow spaced crops.  Goldoni is another longtime Italian producer of high quality farm tractors that was first introduced into California in the early 1970's.

Fort Tractors

    Ferrari Tractor CIE has begun to offer several tractors offered by a small manufacturer, Fort.  We were impressed by a small crawler tractor being shown as a prototype at the November 1999 Bolonga (EIMA) farm equipment show.  The 16 Hp crawler is modern in design and beautifully made belying its prototype status.  

    The Sirio 4 x 4 is an articulate with 16 Hp that is only 24" outside to outside.  Having the same wheel track as walking tractors and more power than most, it increases the amount of work that the operator can accomplish in a day while saving space, minimizing compaction and using lower cost walking tractor implements.

    We also offer Forts series 180 9 Hp diesel walking tractor.  It is heavy duty and suitable for sustained use in agriculture.  It can operate a wide variety of implements designed for farming as well as grounds keeping.  It is also attractively priced.

Self Propelled Machines

    Ferrari Tractor CIE has supplied numerous types of self propelled machines for agriculture.  Some are electric, some gasoline, and some diesel powered.  We will find the specialized machines you may need, just ask us.

Spading Machine and Ecological Tillage

    Ferrari Tractor CIE has promoted and sold spading machines throughout the USA.  Drawing on some 250 models from all major manufactures.  We can equip tractors from 12 Hp walking tractors to 250 Hp field tractors with spaders 24" wide to 14 feet wide.  Spaders dig 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 15", 16", 18" and 19.7" deep, in each case simultaneously sub soiling and working the top 1/2 of said profile well.  Soil hard as an abode brick or saturated with water can be worked with a spader advantageously.  Ferrari tractors 10 years of work with spaders has made them a more and more standard tool among market gardeners of all scales.  Organic and Bio dynamic growers now view them as fundamental tools for improving and maintaining soil structure.  Spaders use is growing among vineyardists who see the benefits of cover crop incorporation in the spring and opening compacted soil after harvest and before crop sowing and winter rains.  Increased moisture in filtration and increased water holding capacity help reduce run off and erosion on hillside plantings.

Power Harrows

    Ferrari Tractors CIE has more recently begun to offer Power Harrows, another highly beneficial tillage tool originating in Europe.  It is widely used as a secondary tillage tool to reduce clod size to acceptable seed bed  sizes that encourage germination of even the smallest seed.  Plowed, disked or roughly spaded ground has clods broken by pairs of tines turning on a vertical axes.  The stirring action breaks up clods in a single pass and in the process levels and flattens ground for seeding.  The stirring action makes it an ideal tool working in compost and soil amendments that you desire to keep in very top of soil profile.

Roto Spike, a Rotary Tiller for very hard ground

    Ferrari Tractor CIE can supply a rototiller like machine that uses diamond shaped spikes instead of the "C" or "L" tines that make rotary tillers destructive of soil structure.  The spikes angle of attack is perpendicular to the soil surface in a stabbing like action allowing it to penetrate extremely hard packed ground and to handle extremely pebble strewn soils.  The straightness of the spikes and the way they mount on rotor shaft prevents stones being carried up into tiller to damage it, as happens with "C" or "L" tines.  At the bottom of the stroke the spikes Do Not smear soil or create a work pan again as "C" and "L" tines do.

Cultiline Bed Shaper

    The rotospike can also be had as a bed forming tool creating a well worked raised shaped bed ready for seeding.

Stone Burrier

    Ferrari Tractors CIE can supply several tillers designed to rid the top of the soil profile of rocks and other debris that would interfere with germination of small seeds.  These machines throw soil into an interval rake so that rocks and twigs etc. fall below the sifted soil.  Fine seeded crops like salad greens and herbs can be grown.  Also lawns can be seeded over sites once littered with construction debris.  It is also an ideal tool to prepare sites for sod laying.



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