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Antonio Carraro Tractors 
26 to 36 Horse Power

Tigre 3100 - 26 Hp
This machine is designed for work on small allotments, vineyards and orchards, including narrow - row ones, and on steep, uncomfortable terrains.  It has a 12-speed gearbox, with 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds, and a 540-rpm PTO synchronized with all the gearbox speeds.


Tigrecar 3700 - 30 Hp
This machine has been fixed with a cargo - dump box with a 2000 pound capacity.  This unit is a must for the small allotment, vineyard and orchard operator.


Tigre 4300 - 36 Hp
The super-compact professional Tigre is a good all rounder, perfect for those who work in agriculture and on fruit and vegetable plantations, in various maintenance services or even as a hobby.  It has four large wheel drive, tight precision steering and a powerful engine.  These are features which provide it with agility and functionality in a whole host of different situations.


Tigre 4300 - 36 Hp
The 4300 reversible with a Hydrostatic Transmission



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